First Time User Questions
Frugal is Google search for a frugal minded person....
Select your category and enter your search term. A Google search result will open displaying results from only LEGITIMATE websites. We will filter out the spam and websites which frequently have viruses.
When you search Google the normal way. Especially for movies, live streaming, ebooks, apks, mp3s, etc.... you'll have to sort through pages upon pages of spam and misleading content. We only show you websites which have the content you are looking for. That way you don't waste your time! Go ahead and do a test search to compare the results between using Google normally VS. using Frugal. Never fill out an annoying "human verification" survey again!
Of course you can! Everybody knows how hard it can be to find working links or streams. Sometimes the streams will be of low quality, or maybe the movie site you usually use doesn't have the content you are looking for. That's when you can use us. PLUS you can use Frugal for more than just searching for movies.
YES. Just search with the "Everything" category and it will function like a normal Google search.